Reality of Today's Africa part I

I have to admit that I was looking forward to that meeting. I have never had an opportunity to visit Africa and since I consider it to be an unexplored part of the world, I decided to ask my guest to make it the topic of our conversation. Millions of ideas suddenly popped up in my mind. I did not know where to start but when I began asking questions, Piotr Smirnow did his best to elaborate on every single issue.
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Nigeria - a country where spanking is not a sin

Juicy spanks for a disobedient child. Unshaken belief in oneself and high level of self-confidence. Passion for dancing, music and…flirts. Wealth and poverty. Nigerian reality. Anino Uwadia Esquire agreed to speak about all those issues and give me a hint on how childhood, bringing up children, relations between men and women as well as economic situation look like.
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