Reality of Today's Africa part III

The third and the last part of the interview with Piotr Smirnow. This time we will tackle the problem of corruption and safety issues in African countries.
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Reality of Today's Africa part II

The second part of the interview with Piotr Smirnow is mostly focused on the difficulties that people have to deal with on everyday basis and the clash of old traditions with civilisation.
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Reality of Today's Africa part I

I have to admit that I was looking forward to that meeting. I have never had an opportunity to visit Africa and since I consider it to be an unexplored part of the world, I decided to ask my guest to make it the topic of our conversation. Millions of ideas suddenly popped up in my mind. I did not know where to start but when I began asking questions, Piotr Smirnow did his best to elaborate on every single issue.
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Nigeria - a country where spanking is not a sin

Juicy spanks for a disobedient child. Unshaken belief in oneself and high level of self-confidence. Passion for dancing, music and…flirts. Wealth and poverty. Nigerian reality. Anino Uwadia Esquire agreed to speak about all those issues and give me a hint on how childhood, bringing up children, relations between men and women as well as economic situation look like.
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